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Our sytem is fully automated and 100% free to use

  1. Register to our system in 1 min
  2. Wait to receive dashboard access
  3. We print for your a leaflet 100% for free
  4. You let people book sanctuaries
  5. You get commisions ฿฿!

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How it works

  1. You let our leaflet somewhere where your customers can see it ( in your car, table of your restaurant, waiting room ...)
  2. People will scan the QRCode or use the NFC tag
  3. They arrive on our website and we put a cookie with your unique ID number for 30 days
  4. If they book an elephant experience now, or under 30 days, you earn money!
  5. We pay you when you want

For everybody

It works great for people who are grab drivers: just let our leaflet in your car and let the magic happens!

Do you own a restaurant, a street food shop or a bar in a touristy area? Put the leaflet at the end of you menu, or just on your tables.

Do your customers have to wait before your service? As if you are a hair-cut, a spa, a street coffee-shop? Let them check our elephant programs and make easy-money

Built for you!

  1. Each leaflet is unique for you
  2. People did not book after seing the sanctuary? No worries, if they book on our website under 30 days, you earn the commission anyway!
  3. So easy: people can scan a QRCode or use the NFC tag.
  4. The leaflet is 100% free
  5. We pay you starting 200thb only

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